Thursday, May 24, 2012

Penny Alesi says she's a whore

If you look at the search results there you can see planted key words put there by Penny herself.

What kind of batshit crazy bitch puts stuff like that out there about herself and then turns around and blames other people for it?

These are the comments she left on the youtube videos

I know it's disappointing when you're reveling in your 'gotcha' moment, but...

We had nothing to do with your porno pictures. Like the planted keywords about you, it was YOU that put out those porno pictures of yourself.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Penny Alesi leaves more lies on Amazon

It's unbelievable that this woman continues to spread her hate on the internet focused on a dead man. What does she thinks he's accomplishing? All she is proving is that she is an accomplished and relentless necrobully, just like Charles Johnson. 

Not to mention that she is also a pathological liar.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bill Hagler ordered to pay $700, his counterclaim dismissed

Hagler's claim of Idema owing him $100,000 just went up in smoke, read it in this Court Order, signed by the judge on August 31, 2011.

Reading through this one order, you might conclude that the criminal behavior Alesi and Hagler engaged in would have brought serious consequences. After all, they filed several fraudulent deeds for the property that Idema owns through his corporation Isabeau Dakota.

Reading through this, one wonders why both of them aren't in jail.

2011 9 1 Filed Order

Hagler managed to get it published in the Fayetteville Observer and elsewhere that Idema owed him that money...will the journalists correct that with the knowledge that a Judge dismissed his claim?

Or will he continue claiming 'he won' in court and his original case was protected, as he was saying the last time he lost in court in this case?

Every single order in this case was AGAINST the claims made by HAGLER AND ALESI.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So who robbed Penny Alesi?

Probably nobody robbed her place, but she claimed she was "scared", and accused several people who could not possibly have made the trip to her place and back unless they had a transporter out of Star Trek.

Oh yeah, and the cops didn't take a report because they know she is a psycho nut. They are tired of her 'crying wolf' all the time, is what they said.

Let's get real: the woman has a new accusation every couple of minutes - because making accusations makes people genuflect to her weakness. Weak people bully others, and hypocrites accuse others of the behaviors they engage in.

Interesting results on Penny Alesi

You can do this yourself at "BeenVerified". I thought I'd try to find out something about her, since the malicious lies she spreads includes her name, but purposely mis-spelled (including the Jack Idema Wikipedia page). This is all public record.

She has been successful being such a monumental pain in the ass (like a tantrum throwing child) that people either try to ignore her or give into her. Either way, she wins and keep doing the same things over and over again.

I suppose you could say she's found a 'success formula', even though success is in the eye of the beholder.

She is a grown woman, with no husband or children, and still lives with her PARENTS.

The cat is alive

Rest in Peace Tinka

That entire article is based on a lie; the cat is alive.

And she also placed a number of hysterical phone calls based on that ridiculous lie.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Confronting the irrational

These are some screen grabs that show Penny Alesi promoting what has become her signature: a storyline of victimhood laced with lies. She complains about being harassed, yet she provides no evidence that she is being harrassed, she merely SAYS SO.

Considering she has bragged (and maybe still is bragging) that she 1) was a veterinarian 2) worked at Ground Zero 3) worked in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and numerous other claims, all of which are patently false, it becomes difficult to believe a single thing she claims. There is no reason anyone should believe her story, yet Paul Woolverton of the Fayetteville Observer and others put stories in print based on her one-sided hysterical diatribes.

And if you ever heard her shrieking phone calls, or heard her hateful even-toned phone calls, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize how disturbed she is.

It is impossible for people to get both HIV 1 and HIV 2; she claimed she was 'sick' and her immune system was compromised long before she even MET Idema.

It is easy to do fact-checking if one is interested in finding out the truth.

In court documents, Alesi claimed in her affadavit to be Jack Idema's wife when in reality they never were married, and signed over a piece of property as President of a Corporation on a date when she was no longer President. And she signed it over to a bum that lives in a dump surrounded by garbage for $10.00.

It began with a deed that was filed at the Registry of Deeds on October 27, 2010, but was signed by Alesi on October 26, 2010. Nobody caught that error. Screen grabs below.

William John Hagler or John William Hagler (he doesn't switch them, he says, but he uses both names so he does switch the names) - filed the document on October 27th.

The October document was two pages long when a deed like this is normally one page long and that is because the date of the signature was not the date it was filed with the Registry of Deeds. Those details should have rendered the document void from the start. Then, in March, they went ahead and did it again. And then they did it two more times.

Then there were more documents filed at the end of March, to prohibit Idema from being able to do anything with HIS BUILDING. Then, unbelievably, there were two more documents filed in May. If my calculations are correct, that makes 5 fraudulent deeds these con artists tried to sneak past the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds.

April 8 2011- Court Order Signed and Filed
She signed over a deed for a piece of property that she didn't own representing a Corporation when she had no right to do so; she had resigned almost a month prior.



After court proceedings protesting these illegal actions, Alesi ignored the law and the court orders and went ahead and signed these deeds more times than you'd think was possible, but it is apparent she has no regard for the law, and neither does her co-conspirator, William John Hagler. Penny Alesi should not have been attempting to represent a Corporation in a deed of Trust when she was not the Trustee and did not have the legal authority to do it.

Investigating claims and finding out the truth is what journalists should be doing, and it is a shame that they are so willing to listen to the relentless complaints from a whining nutcase.

I've been posing questions to the people this woman is targeting, and the result I've found is this woman is separated from reality and is in need of some serious mental help. If it was just her alone, that would be one thing, but she is actively recruiting others to help her in her deceptions which appear to be born of resentment and jealousy that springs from her numerous insecurities.


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